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Your personal brand needs a refresh for                         & more! 




It's a yearly membership for brands & businesses that need regular personal brand or business photography sessions throughout the year. With the exclusive membership, brands have access to exclusive upgrade features such as professional brand videography, hair & makeup artistry, professional wardrobe styling, and exclusive pricing for add-on photography sessions.


Members receive quarterly sessions or the equivalent of 4 full personal brand photography sessions per year, yes, at an exclusive rate!  




Being a member helps you...

  • have consistently updated on brand images for a fresh look in every season.

  • create a professional brand that stands out online, social media, advertising & more!

  • eliminate content creation mental blocks

  • increase confidence to show up online

  • cultivate personal relationships with your audience & followers

  • increase brand awareness with on brand images


I photograph entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders, business professionals, and public figures who want on brand images (that are beautiful of course)  for their website, social media platforms, PR and other marketing materials. Some of my clients are movers and shakers who always need more photos to continue sharing the story of their business and brand.

Others have key projects, due dates, and deadlines- a book launch, speaking engagement,the rollout of a new program, a rebrand – that’s driving their desire to have fresh and new images that capture their truest essence.

What People Are Saying...

I had so much fun yesterday while letting @theclassiewatson shoot some updated headshots for me! And I knew from the moment she began directing the session that I would have some dope photos coming out of it!!!!
Y'all, @classiephotography delivered for sure! Make sure y'all holler at this #blackownedbusiness if you need some updated photos for 2021.

- Krystle of When Krys Speaks LLC

"I'm loving these photos that were taken by Classie Photography who is my boo and an absolute joy to work with! NO ONE has ever been able to capture a photo of me and I can look at it and say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my whole essence has been captured.

She gets me and I LOVE it!!!"

- Mari of Lincoln Ave Gift Co. 

“Girl!!!!! These pictures are awesome! You are a photog who does branding photography that's a little fiercer than just white girls with soft curls at the coffee shop! I recommended you in Amy Porterfield's group because you're fierce! ”

- Lisa of Copywriting by Lisa



What’s included in a Personal Brand Photography photo shoot?

a quick look into your personal brand experience  when you work with me

• Clarity call with Classie to style the story of your brand and plan EACH photoshoot experience 

• Editorial plan to capture 1 “story” at your shoot – each with a unique location and style throughout the year ( session concept meeting)

•  Casual direction so you look and feel your best in front of the camera

• Each session includes: 30 color-perfected ready-to-use images for your website, social media and PR within 2 weeks of your shoot – plus you can select more! Photos are optimized for web and high resolution!​

  • Automatic renewal

  • One session per quarter or 4 sessions per year

  • Exclusive upgrades for simple brand videography, hair & makeup, professional wardrobe & styling

  • Private Online Gallery for viewing, selection, and download.

SAVINGS OF OVER 1,OOO DOLLARS PER YEAR! Schedule your consultation for details on our annual membership fees.

This experience is very personalized and works better for businesses that have clarity in their business and their brand. 



THIS IS YOUR INQUIRY FORM. Once you submit this form, you will be prompted to use an online scheduler to schedule your initial consult with Classie to discuss your personal brand photography subscription service, provide more detail into the process, and answer any questions that you may have. Sessions are not available to be scheduled online. Session dates will be confirmed with Classie. Your consultation is $35. 


Do you offer social media, ghostwriting, PR, or other marketing services?

Unfortunately, no, I am not a social media manager. However, I do suggest using a social media planning app like Planoly to help you schedule posts. And I highly recommend working with a social media strategist to help you plan and develop a strategy for how to use your images to show up on social media. I do offer life & Business Strategy throgh foundational business structure, personal branding, customer experience design, and mental & emotional wellenss. I'm more than happy to send you recommendations for PR, marketing and social media professionals.

What is the difference between your personal branding photography session and a headshot session?

Your brand or personal brand is how People Perceive your company, service, or product. It is a set of distinctive perceptions, expectations, stories, memories, relationships, and feelings people have about your service or product. All of this accounts for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another. In short, my personal branding sessions consist of truly having clairty and intentionality with each photosession. We have a complete session concept meeting (SC meeting) where we approach your session from the Theme or goal, Message, And stratigically develop the components of what makes the items or things we must focus on in the session to achieve the overall message and theme that we need to convey to your broader audience. If your brand is about the expectations, stories, beliefs, memories, connection, and relationship your audience has with your business, then we have ot tell those stories intentionally. This is how you do it. A regular headshot session requires little to no initial consultations or direction. Your brand positioning is important to growing your auidence and your business, this takes the right tools, methods, strategy, and positioning.

Can I customize my membership?

My signature Rinse + Repeat Personal Brand Photography Membership can be customized. You can select a la carte items such as additional hours, hair & makeup, and personal wardrobe styling to be added to any one month or all months included in your membership. Be advised that any add-ons must be added atleast 30 days prior to your session date to ensure that we coordinate and organize your additions. Please note that you cannot change or decrease the amount of coverage or images that are included. You can only select add-on items to the foundational membershp services that are provided.

If we do decide to work together I will provide you with a contract and project schedule for your review so that you know exactly what will be happening and when.

How can I use the images?

However you want! The images you receive will be fully edited and ready for whatever social media platforms, email campaigns, websites, or printed material you need them for. These images are yours to use and will be high resolution. YOu recieve a commercial usage license so they can be used for marketing, advertising, social media, websites & more!

Where can we have the photoshoot?

Anywhere within the Central Arkansas area within 25 miles is included in your subscription fee. Outside the area isn’t out of the question either, we’ll just need to discuss travel fees. I also have indoor studio space with beautiful natural light to capture indoor portraits as well.

How do I provide payment?

For your membership your account will be automatically drafted on the 1st of each one month. You will be invoiced either monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually in advance depending on subscription option and service term length,You will need to provide a current debit/credit card to be on file or an ACH account. If needed, I split the your membership payment up into two equal parts: 50% is due on the 1st of each one month and the remaining 50% is due on or before the 15th of that month. These payments will also be set up on an automatic draft system. Please note: Once your credit is available on your account, you will be able to schedule your session for the month. Your credit does not become available until you have completed payment in full for that month.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

Once you become a member, you will begin the process and during your initial SC meeting we will plan your future SC meetings along with session dates. Be sure to become a member at least 3 months prior to your initial session date. PLEASE NOTE: Once your credit is available on your account, you will be able to schedule your session for the quarter. Your credit does not become available until you have completed either a 50% payment for that quarter or an in full payment for that quarter.

What if I don't use my session for that quarter?

Session credits are not combinable and are non-transferable and must be used within your contract year. These services are not transferable to any person or entity outside of your membership. Your sessions are to be used for business purposes only and are not available to be transferred to other session types or collections.

What's my membership committment?

Photo subscription terms are for 12 month terms. If you cancel before the end of your selected term months, sessions already shot will be billed at the regular one time business session rate of $997 per hour. Services can be paid out monthly, quarterly, or paid in full [paid in full services recieve a 10% reduced rate].

How quickly do I receive my images?

I know time is of the essence, so I try my best to get them back to you quickly. We’ll set up a regular shooting schedule if you are a subscription client. Once your session is complete, you will receive your private online gallery within 5-10 business days for you to make your final selection of images to be fully edited. After you've made your selection you will receive your final edits within 5 business days. So it may take up to 2-3 weeks for your images to be finalized and returned to you.


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