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With my 12-week Personal Brand Strategy & Mindset Coaching Program called The Personal Branding Lounge!

This program will teach you the tools you need to stop feeling stuck, gain clarity in your business and brand, develop smart + modern strategies for personal branding to energize your business and your purpose. 






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“If you own a business, you need to join the Personal Branding Lounge! Everything I knew about personal branding was just the tip of the iceberg. Classie really dug deep and helped me to develop my personal brand in every aspect of my business—from what I talk about on social media to my client experience! The PBL is worth every penny!”

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Your results using the Personal Branding Lounge  may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, willingness to change, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for everyone, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. The Personal Branding Lounge takes lots of time, effort, determination and dedication. We believe that we provide you great resources and tools to help you achieve your desired results, and these client testimonials agree. 

There is no more glass ceiling. There is a purpose that has been spoken over your life. It already exists within and around you. You just have to get your footing and begin the walk on your



The Personal Branding Lounge is my 12 week  BUILD AN IMPACTFUL YOU group coaching experience for personal brand strategy & mindset. This experience is complete with trainings, accountability, LIVE coaching, Guestpert  Trainings + community  to help you.  In this experience we will take calculated and inspired steps together to work toward making your goals a reality. No more sitting on the fence waiting for clarity to arrive, it's here! This experience is complete with tools, strategies, and methods that will radically transform your business, brand, and mindset. 

Clarity + Mindset

Clarity + Mindset

What Will We Cover The First 4 Weeks of The Program?

During the first four weeks we will focus on mindset coaching to help you find clarity in your purpose and align your vision for your life. You will gain Clarity + Uncover Mindset issues and any lies we tell ourselves with concrete strategies and tools to let go of the doubt and stories keeping us stuck. I will be helping you overcome habits of the mind that may be limiting you and causing you to be fearful, placing doubt on your heart, and keeping you from achieving your goals. This part of the program is extremely transformational with mindset coaching that will help you overcome and create, well, anything. We will be getting specific and clear about what you want, your why, and findig your true purpose, but doing it free of limiting beliefs or what society tells you to do. You will learn how to find your energy and develop more focus and consistency so that you can work more confidently and efficiently in your business. First Week: Getting Clarity on Your Why and Finding Your Path To Purpose Second Week: Identifying What is Keeping You Stuck Right Now/Mindset Issues Third Week: Transforming what is keeping you stuck and limiting you and replacing those beliefs with a new set of beliefs that match the reality and vision for your life. Week Four: Developing Your Life Changing System For Practicing Self-Care through Mindset & Mindfulness

Personal Brand Strategy

Personal Brand Strategy

What Will Personal Brand Strategy Cover In Weeks 5-8?

During weeks 5-8 we will focus on discovering your unique personal brand strategy & system for your purpose driven business. This part will teach you how to personally brand, what specifically you need in your industry, how to create community, and identify what action steps you need to take to help you create connection with your audience.This part of the experience turns entreprenuers into the Star Influencers over their brands so they can make an impact in the lives of those they serve. You will learn how to connect & engage with your audience, clarity around boundaries for sharing personal stories, strategies to help you have an impactful personal brand, tools to help you reach a larger audience, methods for effective storytelling and having meaningful conversations with your audience. Fifth Week: Conceptualizating Your Unique Personal Brand Sixth Week: How to differentiate your personal brand & live authentically Seventh Week: The Rule of Alignment: How to create impactful connections + conversations with confidence Eighth Week: Your Purposeful Personal Branding System

Person-Centered Business Method

Your Customer & Brand Experience

What Will The Person-Centered Business Method Cover In Weeks 8-12?

During weeks 8-12 we will focus on The Person-Centered Business Method. This is how you cultivate the very foundation of how you approach business and your customer experience. Your brand is defined as a set of distinctive perceptions, expectations, stories, memories, relationships, and feelings people have about your service or product. All of this accounts for a consumers decision to choose one product. Customer experience shapes the way customers feel towards a product or business. It helps build consumer awareness and creates brand-faithful customers. The Cultivating Customer Experience Model will take my proven framework and help you develop a more effective approach to problem solving, learn how to make good decisive decisons in business, how to reach sustaninable growth in your business, how to effectively approach accountability and tools for growth and learning, along with systems to help nurture and care for your customer types at every touchpoint of their experience. You will walk away with a complete customer experience plan to make an impact in both your internal business (Employees and teams) and your external business (your audience and customers). You will learn effective strategies to think critically, problem solve, tools to help you be more efficient, how to help you focus, project and meet your customer needs before they even know they need it, and map out your compelte brand & customer experience that creates raving fans, loyalists, and nurtures your audience like never before. You will also work to develop meaningful brand experiences that inspire new thinking, connect people in meaningful ways, move audiences to take action like never before and deliver results. Ninth Week: Cultivating Your Guided Principles for business alignment Tenth Week: Cultivating your Customer Experience: Understanding Your Customer Eleventh Week: Cultivating your Customer Experience: Mapping Your Customer Experience & Making your future experience a reality Week 12: Developing meaningful brand experiences that inspire new thinking, connect people in meaningful ways, move audiences to take action like never before and deliver results.

 Using my proven and personalized framework, we will develop a mindset that helps you approach your audience in a more personal and authentic way.

You will have weekly LIVE group coaching calls & exclusive access to me.  You will have assignments to complete each week (3-4 hrs/wk). Our live calls will be 2 hours. The first hour is required.

You will have accountability protocols and access to an online community of leaders in a private FB community! 

'Guestpert' webinars from other leading professionals to help you add more tools to your tool box.

  • Monthly challenges: These challenges help you learn new tactics, trends, and strategies. Yes, these challenges help you start putting your plans into action. 




Enrollment is now open WITH ONLY 15 SEATS AVAILABLE! So click the button below to submit your enrollment application NOW and save your seat! 

There are a limited number of seats available.

When you invest in your future, you invest in the purpose that has been spoken over your life. It is your divine destiny to find it and walk powerfully in it. Pursue it with relentless determination.


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