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2 Day Successful Entrepreneurship Masterclass

March 6th -March 7th

from 12:00pm - 3:00pm each day

*Registration ends on Saturday March 4th at 11:59 PM CST | DO NOT DELAY

Your business and life can completely change in 6 months or less
using everything we will teach you inside of the 

What you'll Learn

Learn my signature profitable sales strategy to 2x your sales conversions

Learn how to confidently plan + manage your sales conversations + follow up 

Learn my signature strategy to overcome the most pressing sales objections using ethical and permission based selling strategies

Learn the mindset habits you must shift in order to increase your success in life & business

Create your complete Brand Positioning Strategy to increase engagement and aligned client attraction.

Map out your complete selling strategy  to 2x your sales conversions

Learn the secrets to increase efficiency, optimize your time management and improve your organization

and more! 

Experience a 3 hr training each day teaching you what to do and how to do it along with a workshop experience where you'll receive hands-on guidance from my team and I to create your strategies!


Coaches/ Consultants / Strategists 

Wedding & Event Professionals 

Service Providers and Digital Marketers 

I’m teaching you the mindset, brand positioning and signature selling strategies I used to build 2 high six-figure businesses and help hundreds of CEO's create sustainable and profitable businesses. 

CLIENTS want to invest premium PRICES for your expertise + service

After working with hundreds of professionals and business owners over the last decade, we’ve discovered key areas of concern that are keeping entrepreneurs from experiencing a truly successful business that not only has consistent revenue but also has healthy profit margins.

So we combined them here across 2 days in our successful entrepreneurship masterclass designed to help you get out of your head and into taking profitable action in your business. Each session is a building block for the next.

Each day includes  3 hours of training to teach you what to do, how to do it ,and a guided workshop with an accompanying 24 page workbook for you to create your strategy while receiving feedback and support from my team and I.  We understand its important that you walk away with fully strategized systems to implement immediately in your business so that you start seeing results.


Read firsthand testimonies from clients, that were where you are now before choosing to invest in our strategies. Experience, through their eyes, the story of their transformation. 

I can't believe in such a short time my dreams were made.





CLASSIE!! I was able to sell my entire art installation for $30k using your strategies, especially your pricing strategy, sales and consultation process, negotiation process and your contract outline. I can't thank you enough! I've been learning so much and can’t believe in such a short time my dreams were made.

- Chris S.

"Classie is worth every penny"

You own a business, you need to work with Classie! Everything I knew about branding and business was just the tip of the iceberg. Classie really dug deep and helped me to develop my personal brand in every aspect of my business-from what I talk about on social media to my client experience! Classie is worth every penny!"

- Rachel R.

Understanding what a business strategist SHOULD be doing was mind blowing.

Classie Watson has literally saved my sanity and business. Understanding what a business strategist SHOULD be doing was mind blowing once I was in this queens hands and to see someone with her power and knowledge in my image has been life altering. She should be charging 1 million dollars, seriously!!! She is the reason I have stayed so grounded and focused.  If you are ready to scale your business and need some help finding your brand voice and processes. Classie is the ONLY choice for these services! She is an amazing human.

- Lekeshia M


You've been so focused on selling and surviving that you've forgotten to build the structure and strategies needed to support your growth. And you've realized you're not as organized as you thought. The truth is this is a foundational issue that is hindering your success.

Maybe you're stuck on the hamster wheel of the hustle mindset, you've been doing whatever it takes and trying to make it happen by any means necessary.

You've been experiencing mental and emotional resistance to marketing and selling your services, for a number of reasons - lack of confidence, fear of rejection or simply not knowing how to do it 

Or you're confusing delivering value with over committing and significantly undercharging for your service

You've been allowing clients to piecemeal your services because they can't afford to pay you your full rate
Constantly customizing your service from client to client in hopes that helps you close the sale


Offering additional services or launching lower level programs to overcome

objections you just can’t seem to nail during sales conversations

This might have “worked” for a little while, but we both know it’s not sustainable.

Let's face the facts, hustling your way to six figures is not sustainable.  Achieving your revenue goal is great but the real prize is being able to sustain it along with your peace of mind.

No matter which one you identify with, this is not okay

None of this is okay because its simply not profitable and its not a long-term solution that will provide sustainable business growth. And not being profitable is a perfectly good reason to make an executive decision to stop doing something in your business and shift to more effective approaches.

Ultimately you chose to pursue entrepreneurship for the benefits of being in business for yourself: flexibility, margin and freedom of time, career satisfaction and increased earning potential.

Life doesn't have an easy button, but you do get to choose your hard. And when it comes down to things being hard or difficult because its all new, I hope you remember that you have a choice. And you can choose to attend the Successful Entrepreneurship Masterclass to get the help, strategies and structure you need to improve your business.

"She gives us the building blocks to build a better brand and business"

Being a small business, you don't have a manual. Having someone with so much knowledge and insight as Classie gives us a lot to think about as far as how we should run our business effectively and how we can withstand the difficult times that we're going through. Just speaking with her about the structure of the paperwork and procedures, I think as small businesses we don't realize that there's a lot of paperwork that we have to have in order to run our small business. Classie  really puts things into perspective about what policies and procedures are most effective and in alignment with what I really want for my business. The information that she provides gives us the building blocks to build a better brand and business.​

- Maryann L.

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I'm Classie Watson, the CEO & Founder behind all things Classie Watson, Intentional Life & Business Design.  After over 8 years working in corporate  business development coupled with my  training as a mental health therapist (MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling), I created my signature frameworks  that I've used to build  2 high six-figure businesses and have helped some 50+ business owners do the same. 

I meet my clients at the corner of healing (mental and emotional wellness) and building a sustainable business as CEO. Many of my clients have high-functioning depression and other mental health conditions or they are struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and more. 

No matter the healing you need to help you shift into the identity of the person you want to become , my purpose is to help you design your business as the vehicle that helps you lead and live the life you desire!

If this or any message you've heard from me resonates with you, I encourage you to lean in and not away. This is your opportunity to choose to take decisive action to change your life. No more sitting on the fence or struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself until 4am...

It's time friend, let's Grow Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Together! I'll see you in the Masterclass! 



A Masterfully Crafted 2 Day Virtual Masterclass Experience 

The 2 Day Successful Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 6.05.47 PM.png


Monday, February 27th


12:00pm - 1:30pm

You will walk away with your tailored Time Management System & Plan, a set of curated  Rules & Boundaries to support you in organizing, prioritizing and managing your time effectively and guidance to help you shift the mindset mistakes and  beliefs that are hindering your success.


1:30pm - 3:00pm

We will walk you through how to leverage your new mindset and time management system, from session one, to strategize and build your signature Brand Strategy. You will walk away with a complete Brand Strategy tailored for your business for you to start implementing today and start seeing instant results in increased brand engagement, loyalty and positioning. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 6.05.30 PM.png


Tuesday, February 28th


12:00pm - 2:30pm

We will walk you through how to confidently sell your services, manage sales conversations and overcome objections using ethical and permission based selling strategies. You will walk away with a complete sales strategy for you to implement immediately in your next sales conversations and start doubling your sales conversions. 


2:30pm - 3:00pm

As a prestigious Financial Advisor, James , will facilitate a discussion on the importance of financial literacy and leveraging investments in your business to increase scalability.


There will be a Q&A to follow

Anchor 1

Choose the investment option that works best for you

Option 1: The Paid In Full

One-Time Payment


Option 2: The Installment

Two Payments


pay in full **BONUS** receive access to the replays and additional support inside of our pop-up private Facebook group for 30 days!



Confidently joining your sales call knowing you have a proven system including a complete sales follow up strategy that will double (2x) your sales conversions, revenue and profit. You can rest assured that you aren't missing out on anyone ready to say YES to your offer.


Having the time and freedom to both get work completed and focus on things you love, spend more time with family or enjoy a midday mimosa with your girls without worrying about your schedule, feeling spread thin or like your day has been hijacked. 

Being known as an authority in your industry with a brand presence that reflects your confidence, expertise, business sophistication and signature experience that increases your influence, impact and engagement in the marketplace.

**BONUS** Guest Expert financial guidance from top performing Financial Advisor, James Griffin. Gain insights on financial literacy  and how to leverage investments to improve scalability and sustainability. 

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