Join us at the LEGACIE



Saturday, September 1oth 
 From 1:00pm - 4:00pm in Little Rock, Arkansas

*Ticket sales end September 2nd, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST | DO NOT DELAY

An exclusive in person business strategy & workshop experience for CEO's who are ready to work with me and my team to create, restructure, position and launch a sustainable service offer in Q4 to increase their cashflow & profits.

Attendance is limited.

We have 40 total tickets available for purchase and over 300+ have received invitations via our email newsletter. If you want to be in the room, grab your ticket without delay.

Attendance is exclusive.

This event has been curated specifically for you. There will be no replay, access to video recordings or modules. You have to be in the room to receive!

Being in the room will change the trajectory of your life & business. 

You will leave this event more connected and secure in your role as CEO, with new skills, offers and strategies to help you generate income on demand. You will step into your power as a CEO.


Our Business Workshops are designed as a modern twist on traditional business seminars & networking events. 

Todays brands and businesses want an exclusive experience that evolves their business and elevates their brand. They recognize that seminars and networking events are important parts of their marketing and business growth strategies.


They don't want to risk their hard earned money, time and investments attending outdated seminars with entry level solutions and boring networking events where everyone is a wallflower. And you shouldn't either.

Our Business Workshops combine the best of both worlds- where business education and networking collide. You will have access to high level, top performing business owners to peer mastermind, strategize and network with while you build, create and execute on all that you've learned during the strategy session. We don't want you to just leave with actionable steps or feeling inspired; we want you to leave having taken inspired action and executing what you've planned.