Practical Advice For Building Your Personal Brand

Ok, so there is no easy trick to branding besides rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work!

I tried to design and re-design what I pictured would be "The Brand' for my business. But nothing I did was ever quite right (fonts, color palettes, you name it). I just had a name. That's easy enough, right, (I was so wrong).

First, I had to understand exactly what it meant to have a BRAND. Having a brand is not tactical like marketing, it is strategic. A Brand does not market to consumers in a "buy me, buy me" sort of way. The Brand relays to consumers what you are and why you exist. Your brand will determine what consumers think of your product, what they expect of it, the quality, the service, and ultimately the experience. That sounds like a lot to weigh on the shoulders of a business owner ( I was definitely overwhelmed).

I had to figure out that Branding is not just slapping a watermark on my images, or creating a logo, website, and obtaining a business license. Your brand is what enables you to STICK out in a SEA of other businesses. Why should the consumer choose your business over others in your field? It comes down to one word "EXPERIENCE". The experience I create for my business is going to be the reason that people will choose to invest in my business, product, course, or service. I once heard a brand defined as the thing people say about you when you walk out of the room. What are people saying about you? Your brand? Your business? when you're not in the room. One conversation that I had with a recent business owner was about how awesome her product was and how it can change lives. We all believe our product, service, or whatever our business may be is great (I believe that for you too). But the truth is that is not enough to attract the clients that you need and I know you deserve. Until you can convey these things online it doesn't push your business forward. You have to have a plan for how to convey your "GREATNESS" and "AWESOMENESS" online. This is the foundation of building your brand.

I am going to leave you with 3 key takeaways that your business must do to help you become successful!

1: Convey that your business helps people

2: Convey that your business will make life easier

3: Convey that your business diminishes fear (whatever this fear may be for your consumer. Because that fear is why your business is needed)

By defining your target audience you will begin to understand how your business meets the takeaways listed above.

So, what does your BRAND say about you?