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If you're a woman in business ready to take back her sanity, get focused and build the infrastructure & strategy your business needs for long term sustainability then - Lean in to LEGACIE.
My client's often felt and thought this way before they chose to LEAN INTO LEGACIE. 
LEGACIE is a comprehensive coaching program for women in service based businesses who are ready to overcome their mental blocks and develop the business strategy they need to scale and increase their profits adding 6- figures of new revenue to your business over the next 12 months.
You've built a business that brings in revenue, but somehow you still feel lost.

You recognize you're on the struggle bus and you're overwhelmed because you don't know what next steps to take and you feel like something is holding you back. You're tired of struggling, you just want balance, more margin and more freedom. And you want  a proven framework with systems that get you further faster and that support your growth. 

Maybe you're realizing that the strategies you've used to get you where you are now aren't the same strategies that will take you to the next level? 

Our unique approach integrates my training as a therapist, MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and my over 8 years in strategic business development to help you transform your mindset and design your business as the vehicle that helps you create the life you want


Hey! I'm Classie Watson your Life & Business Strategist also known as, "The People's Business Therapist".  I'm not your typical business strategist. I use psychology based principles to improve your mental health and wellness and develop your business strategy. I leverage all of my expertise and training in consumer psychology, mental wellness and business development to help you design a business around the life & lifestyle you want to live. 


When you’re feeling frustrated and struggling with ineffective & inefficient policies, procedures, processes, and organizational structure for your business and brand, stuck trying to make the best decision for you and your employees, limited on resources to serve your audience and clients well, distracted and split between the needs of your family and the needs of your business, lost trying to figure out how to scale, grow, and evolve both personally and professionally, and overwhelmed because there isn’t enough time in the day to man both life and business, this is where I come in to help you work through these blocks to take true action towards creating a sustainable business strategy, improving your time management, organization and more. 

Take a look below at what we will help you achieve inside of LEGACIE

12 months of both Private 1:1 Strategy & Group Coaching

 high level private 1:1 strategy sessions and monthly group sessions.

Business Model & Strategic Business Growth Planning

We will restructure, refine and create your business model & design a structured business strategy & growth plan for long term sustainability and scalability

Develop & Document Your Standard Operating Procedures and company policies 

You will refine your business organization to have effective and efficient operating processes.

Restructure & Refine Your Services & Offers

Simplify your current service or offer and create a sustainable structure, succinct format and internal support systems ro serve your clients well.

Personal & Professional Development 

Refine your decision making abilities as the Chief Executive Officer of both your life and business. 

Brand Positioning & Strategic Selling

We help you design your brand positioning in the marketplace and learn how to effectively articulate the value of your brand, service and offers.

Mental & Emotional Support

As a trained therapist, we help you shift in your soul, develop healthier habits, behaviors and boundaries so that you  can lead your life well. 



The 4 LEGACIE Objectives

  • Help you master your mental and emotional wellbeing by providing access to mental and emotional wellness processing & support groups for CEOs to help you break the mental and emotional barriers holding you back and build the mental fortitude you need to scale as CEO of your life & business. 

  • Help you with your personal development by teaching  and coaching you on how to effectively manage your time, set healthy boundaries in business, manage your schedule. You will learn how to make effective decisions as the CEO to move your business and life forward with discernment and decisiveness. No more making decisions on a whim or feeling spread thin and overwhelmed. We help you get your sanity back and operate with more structure and less stress!

  • Help you design your business as the vehicle that helps you create the life you want by restructuring your business model, strategy, policies, SOP's, organization and infrastructure so you can take more vacations and reclaim your time.

  • Help you streamline your customer journey creating an award winning customer experience by refining, restructuring and relaunching the services you already have so that you, build brand loyalty, provide a deeper level of service and have a greater impact on your clients and community.


 LEGACIE is designed for service based business owners from various backgrounds, walks of life, heritages, lifestyles, identities, faiths and more. This process of growth, change and healing along with the results you'll achieve is truly life changing. However, it's important to understand that while we would love to work with everyone, this program is not designed for everyone. This is why we have a structured qualification process. We work with a select number of qualified business owners who want to achieve the 3 objectives above. Once you complete your application you'll be notified if you were accepted and continue the remaining acceptance processes.


Understanding what a business strategist SHOULD be doing was mind blowing.

Classie Watson has literally saved my sanity and business. Understanding what a business strategist SHOULD be doing was mind blowing once I was in this queens hands and to see someone with her power and knowledge in my image has been life altering. She should be charging 1 million dollars, seriously!!! 

She is the reason I have stayed so grounded and focused.  If you are ready to scale your business and need some help finding your brand voice and processes. Classie is the ONLY choice for these services! She is an amazing human.

Lekeshia Angelique - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant


Good Morning Arkansas
Global Womens
Female Entrepreneurship Summit
"It was just absolutely Godsend that I found Classie"

There are so many life coaches and business

coaches out there that are just about the business which is great. I recognized that I needed someone different and it was iust absolutely godsend that I found Classie. She's very intentional with her words, with her strategy, with making sure that there's a structure that fits my personality, my household needs, my budget, all of those things. She's willing to shift and pivot to make sure that there is success, not only just while we're working together, but in the future, because that mental health aspect,

the training that she has, has helped me uncover so many different mental blocks and traumas and just habits that I've had for the entirety of my life that I never would have recognized are the reasons for me not being able to be successful in my past ventures. If' Classie was not here with such straightforward advice, with the ability to see me past just what I'm trying to do, but the emotional and mental and the support, I wouldn't have made it this far.

Chelsea Hudspeth - Private Yoga Instructor and wellness coach


A Service Provider who wants to build brand loyalty & community without constantly discounting your services in hopes to expand your impact. You want to elevate your service and value to provide a deeper impact and you want a simple process that will get you there.

A Service Provider who is decisive and ready to take action right NOW. This is your time to stop playing it small and start strategically investing in your business to create both the life & business you desire.