"A photograph is a moment preserved. A video is moments relived" - Classie Watson

We are a young and dynamic photography studio & team of experienced photographers and videographers. 


Inside of Classie Photography we 

photograph entrepreneurs, business owners, brands, families, kiddos, couples & small elopements.

Meet The Photographers


Hi, I'm Classie the owner & lead creator at Classie Photography Studios! I am so glad you are here! Its important that you know more about the community & family we are creating inside of Classie Photography Studios!


Together, we have extensive backgrounds in editorial, commercial, and documentary photography & videography. We put you at ease in our studio, at your home, or in any location. We're relaxed because we work with a great team of experienced individuals. And throughout the years, we've learned that there isn't just one solution that works. That's why we use a combination of photography styles and technology to capture you and your moments.


Many of the associate photographers here have ran their own photography business, worked in other studios, and have years of experience. To better cultivate the community inside of our studio, each photographer is trained by me & uses our tried and true Classie Photography experience that my years of clients have come to love and enjoy. Each photographer has their own unique artistic eye, editing style, and more. Now take a look at the extraordinary members of our team.


n advocate for freckled faces, dog lover and mom to 3 fun loving Beagles [ Marley, Sunny, & Charlie], and lover of comfy fashion wear and fresh lattes from the coffee shop! Oh and world traveler at heart! 

My passion is rooted in the creative arts, so I guess you can call me artsy and creative. And somewhere in the mix I found that I love sweet kiddos and babies, so I''ve been a nanny for a while! It's one of my greatest joys next to  

I'm Kathryn Stone

you can call me "Kat" - Lead Associate Photographer

photographing sweet families, kiddos, and couples. Whether we are going on an adventure to hike petite jean, chasing the kiddos at the park to capture those fun candid memories, swinging on the playground, splashing around in mud puddles, or frolicking through a field of daises in the spring time, It is so my jam to photograph all the memories for you to share. 

"When you touch your own humility
you connect with the soul of the universe"

My favorite sessions are ones where I can create a themed set up using my selection of decorations, lounge chairs & couches, and more for your family, baby’s first birthday, couples outdoor home escape and more! 

We are going to pump up some fun family jams, whether you’re old school and want some 80’s pop or you’re new school and want to vibe a bit more, we are going to have a great time.

Visit my gallery below to take a look at my photo-sessions and my style! When you are ready to capture some amazing memories and adventures with me then submit an inquiry below or email photography@classiewatson.com  be sure to indicate that you'd like to book with me.


While I've always been a deep empath and a deeply introspective soul, I am also passionate about a multitude of things: writing, spoken word poetry, music, dance, art, photography, philosophy, and philanthropy, just to name a few.

The truth is I've always known and wanted to be an entrepreneur because I am on a mission to heal the world. While in the process of developing my entrepreneurial path, I worked in amazing companies heading up building from the ground floor, developing systems, policies & procedures, to developing entire departments, training programs and team building activities. Ultimately, I scaled each of these small businesses and developed what I now coined the "Person-Centered Business Method."

Was it easy to transition into full time entrepreneurial pursuits? Oh, HONEY NO! It took years and a BIG leap of faith, actually it was more like a push and shove off a cliff while praying that I could fly instead of hitting the ground. Giving up the security of a steady income was terrifying. But that fear was a debilitating cycle that left me stuck and stagnant. When I finally gave up this false sense of security from my 9-5, I can say that its been the most freeing experience and one of my proudest moments. 

While my programs & products are plentiful due to my many interests, I have embraced that I am a multipassionate entrepreneur because I don't believe in fitting into a conventional box (and I'm certain I never will). And I am most grateful for this unique space that I am able to exist in. 

This includes your passion, gifts, talents, and the entirety of your vision for you life along your personal journey.  I believe whether you are an entrepreneur or not, much of what we do and who we become requires personal work that is mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Pursuing any transformation in your life or your business may require healing from past traumas, rewriting our stories, overcoming limiting beliefs, and taking a good look at our mental health, soul care, and strategies.

For things to change we have to be willing to constantly cultivate ourselves and sift out the impurities, the negative mindsets, or whatever is holding you back and replace them with what is needed to heal so that we can grow into better versions of ourselves. And that starts within us, in our home, and then moves into our communities and then society as a whole.

This lifestyle and philosophy coupled with an indescribable amount of hard-work, and  showering myself with daily grace has led to some amazing milestones, accomplishments, and experiences


am here to serve. My company is built on the foundation of seeking wholeness, a passion for becoming a vessel of purpose, and a commitment to daily 

healing and being an extension of grace and compassion with a business that focuses on true connection.

Through this site, free content, both online and in person programs, along with anything else that I may offer - know that we are in this together to make a difference not only in your life, but also in the lives of those you serve. To help you create the vision you've always wanted for your life, one you truly love..


Whether you are just starting or growing your business, I am here to help you develop balance, freedom, and relief across your life & business that truly honors your mental and emotional needs. And to create a business strategy, customer experience, and brand so that you can step into your power and grow your business with purpose..

Yes, I run a business and of course I sell things as well. However, in the midst of selling, I believe in showing up and serving. You will find that much of what I offer (about 90%) is free to you in the form of podcasts, social posts, live trainings, free masterclasses and more. 

I'm not a guru with all the answers, no sage nor celebrity. I make mistakes, I fail. I have awful days and sometimes struggle with bouts of fear and self-doubt, just like the rest of humanity. 

However, my commitment is to walk alongside you as a support and that much needed third party perspective to equip you with the very best knowledge, tools, strategies, and systems that I am using, living, and learning. And I'll be raw and real through the process. So, please don't expect perfectly polished perfection (I'm too human for that) but you can expect to learn strategies and systems that work, thought provoking ideas and questions, personal reflection, growth, challenging mindsets, some fun antics and humor and an unwavering and relentless devotion to help you live a whole hearted and meaningful life.


If you have read this far, thank you.  I hope this is the beginning of our cultivating a powerful relationship. I would love to learn more about you and to connect with you. The best way to stay connected and in the know is to make sure you become a CW Insider - just click here. I'll continue using my platform to share resources and I hope you join me in this pursuit of purpose. Check out my podcast and the episode on "The Money Mindset: Money as an Amplifier of our Sense of Self Worth with Julie Tang".  If we're not connected on Instagram yet, then come on. You can also find me on Facebook .

I'm so glad we have connected and I hope to continue on this journey with you! Thank you so much for stopping by. Come back now ya' hear! 

Shine Bright,