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Join us for 

Thriving Thursdays
CEO Circle

A 4-week intensive Business Strategy  Mastermind

Every Thursday in November 
Starting Nov. 3rd

*Membership sales end October 31st, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST | DO NOT DELAY

An exclusive mastermind experience for CEO's who are ready to elevate and evolve their brand while refining their service structure to sell at premium price points.

Attendance is limited.

We have 8 membership seats available for purchase and over 300+ have received invitations via our email newsletter. If you want to be in the room, reserve your membership without delay.

Attendance is exclusive.

This mastermind has been curated specifically for you. There will be no replay, access to video recordings or modules. You have to be in the room to receive!

Being in the room will change the trajectory of your life & business. 

You will leave this mastermind more connected and secure in your role as CEO, with new skills, offers and strategies to help you generate income on demand. You will step into your power as a CEO.

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We understand that  brands and businesses need an exclusive experience that evolves  your business and elevates your brand in a tangible way, where you see the results you've been promised. 

Our Thriving Thursday CEO Circle combines the best of both worlds- where business strategy and  building intentional business relationships collide. You will be in the room with high level, top performing business owners to peer mastermind, strategize and network with while you build, create and execute on all that you are learning.


We don't want you to just leave with actionable steps or feeling inspired; we want you to leave having taken inspired action and executing what you've planned. Thats why we have mapped our our CEO Circle to expand across 4 full weeks. We are going to work hard strategizing, executing and implementing using my signature processes and more! 

Step Into Your POWER & Evolve to your Next Level 

Experience the power of presence and purpose while building intentional relationships across 4 weeks in a mastermind filled with top performing CEO's and professionals that encourage, challenge and edify you during this experience so that you build a foundation of trusted peers to help you scale your company, pass referrals and take much needed CEO vacations with in your spare time. 

We curate the space for you:​

In order to better serve and support you, we have a thorough application and selection process. This helps us to ensure you and your peers are in a room filled with high caliber, top performing CEO's and professionals that are aligned, committed and ready to receive. 

People don't simply attend Harvard for the education alone, they also attend with the intention to both build and leverage high caliber connections.


Please click the plus sign for more details next to each item.

This spoke so much to my life! 

Attending one of Classie speaking engagements was a valentines gift to myself. Thanks so much Classie for all of the information and inspiration! Thank you for the actionable steps! This spoke so much to my life! 

- Jordan J.

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  • Strategize and build your signature service offers that allow you to 3x your current revenue with high value customer experience and premium pricing by refining, restructuring and relaunching the services you already have.  

  • Help you streamline and strategize your Customer Experience processes for your pre-boarding/prospecting, Onboarding and off-boarding creating your step-by-step experience and standard operating procedures so that you can onboard clients  at the $3k-$10k price point, working with fewer clients on a deeper level of service and having a greater impact.

  • Understand the structure and role of being a CEO by learning the decisive decisions you must make at each level of  business advancement

  • Mastermind and build meaningful business relationships with aligned business owners that are motivated and ready to support, encourage and edify you and everyone in the room as you each work towards achieving your goals.  


  • Structured online curriculum with video trainings teaching you what to implement. 

  • Structured assessments to support you in retaining, understanding and implementing the strategies, concepts and processes you are learning. 

  • Face to Face Peer Masterminding  to help you implement well and receive feedback and support

We designed Thriving Thursdays to expand across 4 weeks. Each week CEO Circle members  are given a specific objective, educational trainings to review and watch, assignments, tasks and to-do's.  At the close of each week, on Thursdays, CEO Circle members attend their weekly high level mastermind session alongside Classie Watson. During CEO Circle Mastermind Sessions you can expect to engage in a structured mastermind giving everyone space to receive feedback, insights and support on your tasks, assignments, videos and more.  


THRIVING THURSDAYS CEO CIRCLES are designed for service based experts from various backgrounds, walks of life, heritages, lifestyles, identities, faiths and more. This process of growth, change and healing along with the results you'll achieve is truly life changing. However, it's important to understand that while we would love to work with everyone, this program is not designed for everyone. This is why we have a structured qualification process. We work with a select number of qualified business owners who want to achieve the 4 objectives above. Once you complete your application you'll be notified if you were accepted and continue the remaining steps to secure your membership.


I’ve learned more about my business in two classes than I have ever learned in any paid class

“I have had the privilege of working with Classie Watson with her Thriving Thursday Program that she has offered for the month of July!!! When I tell you that I’ve learned more about my business in two classes than I have ever learned in any paid class thus far…. IM SO SERIOUS!!! She has a wealth of knowledge to pour into whomever is willing to be fed.  If you’re a business owner in any phase, I suggest following her and picking up the nuggets that she lays out for FREE!!  You will thank me later!!!  Can’t wait for my session with her and her team  next week!” 


- Yolanda West-Calvin

Is this CEO CIRCLE for you?


Are you a service based business that wants to

1. sell premium priced services? ($3k-$10k)

2. Have a streamlined customer journey to elevate your client experience and decrease your workload?

3. Have a structured and formatted curriculum based service that guarantees your client results?

Then yes, this is for you!


Do you continue to struggle with onboarding clients that don't do the work or aren't committed?

You are the CEO of your business, this means you set the requirements, rules and precedence for expectations and more for each of your clients. If you are onboarding clients that are not committed, not following through on the work and undervaluing the service paid for....

Then yes, this is for you!


Premium buyers want direct and tangible insights, expectations, processes and procedures to follow. They don’t want ambiguous expectations, procedures or requirements that makes them to scratch their head and ask questions that you can’t confidently answer because you haven’t dialed in on your customer expectations, customer journey, procedures, and more. 

When your processes, expectations and requirements are not specific enough and transparently shared with your client it can diminish their confidence and ultimately fail to follow through. 

Do you want to raise your prices, but you struggle to do so?

Premium buyers want your price to match the value of your service. If you are selling a service that provides massive value for an unrealistically low price, yes to your consumers it can look and feel too good to be true because we often equate value to price. It's important to understand the value you are selling, learn to package it well as a service and simplify! This is what we are going to help you achieve so we can create your high level service offer to sell at a premium price. 

Do you have messaging like this in your website, marketing or socials?

"I'Il help you increase your revenue"

"I'll help you discover your purpose"

“I’ll help you live healthier and happier”

“I’ll help you increase your organization”

This type of messaging does not articulate a direct value or tangible result for your client.

You must quantify what your clients receive from your service by articulating a tangible result.

Then yes, this is for you!

Are you ready to execute your vision so that you can elevate your brand and service?

Maybe this vision has been on your heart and you're not sure how to make it a reality. You've been doing the work, making the money and getting the clients but you know it's time to elevate. This is where we come in to help you. You don't have to stay stuck here. If you've told yourself, "I'm going to save up my coins to work with Classie," "I want to work with her one day" Then this may be the perfect opportunity to work with my team and I. The Classie Watson Brand is a premium priced experience. We offer these opportunities so that we can increase access to the deeper level of service we provide to our clients and extend it to anyone that may not feel as ready as others to make that investment. While we post strategies for free online, the CEO CIRCLE allows for you to truly access our deeper level of service, insights, strategies and more.. You truly get to try before you buy.

Then yes, this is for you!

So have you saved your seat? 
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